External ID Validation

Need a stand-alone Pay As You Go External ID Validation Service?

You do NOT need to process DBS Applications through us to use our External ID Validation Checking Service.

Prices start from £15.00

Register here to obtain External ID Validation Checks today! It’s is FREE and under NO OBLIGATION

The DBS have introduced new criteria for checking the ID of DBS Applications.

Route 2 of the DBS ID Checking criteria requires an External ID Validation check.

An external ID Validation check validates the names, addresses and date of birth details (the identity) of a DBS Applicant. This check complies with the standards outlined in Level 2 of the HMG’s minimum requirements for the verification of the identity of individuals.

A Level 2 Identity Check is defined by the Government as (page 11 of Level 2 of the HMG’s minimum requirements for the verification of the identity of individuals):

“Level Two – there is substantial assurance that the registrant’s real world identity is verified. An example of a transaction that might merit level 2 registration is the submission of a VAT return. There must be substantial assurance of real-world identity since the return is legally binding.”

We provide an external ID validation service to:

  1. Our registered DBS customers
  2. Other organisations that need ID Validation checks for DBS purposes, as a stand-alone service, for example:
    • DBS Registered Bodies
    • DBS Umbrella Bodies
    • other organisations/companies
    • charities

Prices – External ID Validation Checks

Once your organisation is registered with us, requests for External ID Validation checks can made on an ad-hoc basis; as and when they are needed.

Benefits of our External ID Validation Checking Service:

  • Checks completed within 24 hours* of receipt of request
  • Results returned to you by email in pdf. format
  • NO minimum number of checks required
  • Pay As You Go – Only pay for the checks you request, NO bulk or advance payments required
  • We can provide External ID Validation Checks as a stand-alone-service – You do NOT need to be a DBS customer with us
  • You can set-up an unlimited number of nominated “requesters” within your organisation
  • Our External ID validation system is in line with the DBS’s Route 2 ID Checking requirements
  • Simple, clear pricing structure

The Process – requesting an External ID Validation Check

  1. If you are not registered with us, register here (it’s free and under no obligation)
  2. Requests for External ID Validation Checks will need to be made by email to us (requests will only be accepted by approved users nominated by your organisation). We will require the following information:
    • Name of applicant
    • Applicants Date of Birth
    • Applicants’ 5 year address history
  3. On receipt of your email request we will carry out the External ID Validation Check
  4. The result will be issued as a report (in pdf format) to you by email
  5. Results will be emailed to you within 24 hours of a request being received by us (*except if made out of hours, on weekends or public holidays)
  6. The report will confirm if the ID of the applicant has been validated or not validated.

Payment & Billing

  1. Payment for each request will be required when a check is requested (credit facility can be arranged subject to status)
  2. Payment methods accepted are: credit/debit card, PayPal, Bank transfer. Click here for payment details.
  3. The total price for each External ID Validation check is £15.00

Set-Up…Getting Started

In order to process External ID validation checks for your organisation, you need to be registered with us. Register here to start submitting External ID validation Checks to us straight away! It’s is FREE and under NO OBLIGATION.
On receipt of your registration form we will set-up an account for you and email you full information and instructions requesting External ID Validation Checks.

We believe in an open pricing policy and do not have any hidden costs. We do not charge a registration fee, or any other charges not stated, without prior agreement. Our sole business is processing Criminal Records Checking. You can be assured your business will always be given our top priority and completed as quickly as possible.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.